Tranströmer and the importance of ‘Mystery’.

Being brought up in a palpably Catholic household, the word mystery has echoed within me ever since I was a little boy. The mystery of the oneness of the Trinity and the mystery of the Sacraments among others. Over the years, I did go through my own interpretations of the existence of the word mystery - at one point I wondered whether the very concept of religious mystery was a way of keeping people away

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Breaking News. 10 January 2015

Standing in unlit corridor, I spread shabby white sheet

over cool blue rexine: number twelve, side upper berth.

Train, wracked by deep cough trembles, moves. Explosion

at restaurant in Lyon in France: Source AFP. I push

dark suede moccasin under seat across. Shots fired in car chase

north east of Paris say police sources. 20 year old unrecognisably

smudged picture is me enough: ticket inspector nods.

Hostages taken North East of Paris, say police. I swing myself up

to reach berth over woman

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